London amateur basketball league (labl) was founded in 2006 and is one of the main basketball leagues which play each other within the london area. In addition, labl also supply a basketball officials service to universities basketball, schools and colleges as well as a sports academy. Habl has made the difficult decision to permanently suspend the 202021-basketball season for all age groups. This decision was thoroughly vetted against many current and short-term scenarios. We saw no path forward that would provide kids with a consistent location and the proper amount of time needed to have a functioning league. Game time! The south australian amateur basketball league commences the 2021 season on saturday 1st may. The league handbook 2019 can also be downloaded as pdf via the link above. We are maines first, only, and largest draft style amateur mens basketball league. Saabl is a community focused non-profit incorporated association organised by volunteers to support the administration and promotion of amateur saturday basketball competition in metropolitan south australia run with an open and transparent governance structure under its constitution to support south australian amateur basketball.