Amateur (ham) radio frequency table general advanced extra cw, rtty, data ssb(phone), cw, image 28.   ham radio frequency chart graphical frequency allocations. General, advanced and amateur extra class licensees are authorized to use these amateur bands. Amateurs wishing to operate on either 2,200 or 630 meters must first register with the utilities technology council online at. 000 mhz must not cause harmful interference to the radio location service and are afforded no protection from radiolocation operations. Amplitude modulation (am) amplitude modulation (am) 40 metres. Information about the us amateur bands is available on the frequency allocations page as well as the frequency bands chart. 850 mhz (unofficial) amateur tv fast scan satellite cw fm simplex digital ssb & weak signal (no fm) fm repeater 903 902 904 909 1240 46 52 58 60 70 76 82 88 94 95 97 915 921 928 mhz 927 1296.