i was tuning around on 10 meters and i recognized art bells unique voice on 10 meters ssb. Showing an early interest in radio, art bell became a licensed amateur radio operator at the age of 13. By the late 1990s he was reaching 15 million listeners a night as host of coast-to-coast am. Bell operated a pirate radio station while serving as a medic in the air force during vietnam, often playing music deemed inappropriate by the armed.   rare ham radio art bell conversation as w6obb shortwave alternative talk show host speaks candidly on ham radio rare recording.   radio legend art bell, w6obb, has announced that he will be returning to the air via satellite and internet streaming starting monday, september 16, 2013. His new show will be carried by sirusxm channel 104 monday through thursday from 10pm to 1am eastern time.   amateur radio was the early beginning for a career in radio for art bell, w6obb, who became one of americas number one late night radio talk show hosts. Arts audience on coast to coast am grew to 15 million listeners in over five-hundred markets. This is a june 7, 2006, recording of a phone call art bell made to the coast-to-coast am radio show explaining preparations underway so he will be able to do the show live from the philippines, providing some impressions about living in the philippines, and discussing setting up his ham radio station there. Art bell, w6obb internationally known radio host and holder of a three different call signs in the u. Art is the founder and first host of a late night radio program called coast to coast am that was heard on radio stations throughout north america around the world. Fragsworth on apr 14, 2018 - i grew up in the high desert of california (around apple valley, victorville, hesperia, barstow). I cant count how many times i was driving alone down the desert highways at night, not a single other car on the road, and art bell was the only thing on the radio. Art bell at the control desk of his w6obb station in pahrump, nevada. This august 20, 2005, photo shows art bell and his impressive array of w6obb station equipment including both an icom ic-7800 and a yaesu ftdx-9000. Of course, all that equipment would be relatively useless without good antennas and art has.