The 2021 foundation for amateur radio scholarship application is now available. The far scholarship committee is responsible for the administration of amateur radio-related scholarships that are sponsored by individuals and amateur radio clubs from across the nation. The 2021 foundation for amateur radio scholarship application is now available. Amateur radio emergency force to meet the need of hour when communication fails in natural calamities man made calamities contests field days expeditions as taking part in national international contests, field days expeditions around the world. The amateur radio safety foundation was incorporated jan 1, 2006 as a non profit florida corporation federal id number 20-5586920. This corporation is a non profit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person.   training committee the training committee shall plan, coordinate and execute an on-going educational program to advance the art of amateur radio among the club members and interested parties. Newsletter committee the newsletter committee shall maintain the amateur radio foundation web site, participate in social networking and publish. Amateur radio digital communications (ardc) is a private foundation that exists to support amateur radio and digital communication science and technology. We got our start managing the amprnet , or 44net, which connects amateur radio operators with the internet. The foundation licence manual - your entry into amateur radio is available from several sources. The foundation licence is aimed at the ordinary person who wants to get on the air after gaining an understanding of the basics of amateur radio. Once youve completed basic morse appreciation, a practical test and a multiple choice paper, the foundation licence gives you the opportunity to operate 10w radios on a variety of amateur radio. Sample foundation amateur radio test paper page 4 16 an amateur transmitter is designed to radiate from the antenna. How might signals enter other electrical devices in the house? A by direct radiation out of the front panel of the transmitter.