Radioamateur homebrew page by ham radio homebrew six meter duplexer and various other projects. Your own ham domain brew your own ham web site at very little cost. Amateur radio homebrew projects and experiments category is a curation of 129 web resources on , winding toroids, directdirt, some good ideas for a big delta loop antenna. Resources listed under ham radio homebrew category belongs to technical reference main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. The villages amateur radio club members enjoy building kits and homebrew receivers and transmitters. We all remember the heathkit of the old days with instructions and complete parts for a fixed price. Today we do the same thing but there are many smaller suppliers. Crystal sets to sideband-- free on-line -- a guide to building an amateur radio station by frank w. Harris, kiye homebrew hf high performance tranceiver (hbr2000) -- cwssb 160 to 10 meters, 6 watts output, full qsk on cw -- from markus hansen, ve7ca homebrew ssb transceiver for 60 meters by paul alexander wb9ipa.   two types of 2 transistor 7mhz radio 7mhz receiver the herring aid 5. 7mhz 3transistor 4w cw transmitter the pippin qrp 7mhz 1watt xtal controlled by g3my 40m qrp xmtr the tuna tin 2. 7mhz cw transceiver homebrew 40m cw transceiver 49er 40 meter cwssb receiver led mosfet receiver 40-9er. Qro baluns - high power 11 and 41 baluns for dipoles, loops, open-wire feeders etc. Mains voltmeter - a very simple yet handy project for a wet afternoon. Kenwood radio-to-pc interface - a homebrew version of the if232. With built-in 4 digit led display f-counter, placed in an appropriate housing, the whole transceiver measures only 95mm x 95mm x 45mm.