Amateur radio homebrew projects and experiments category is a curation of 129 web resources on , wavemeter for two and 70cm, qrp am(cw) transmitter for 10 meters, automatic band decoders. Resources listed under ham radio homebrew category belongs to technical reference main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. Amateur radio, antenna theory, homebrew antennas, hidden and stealth antennas, cc&rs, and antenna restriction. Check here if you want to open links in a new window ac6vs homebrew antennas links including antenna theory. The villages amateur radio club members enjoy building kits and homebrew receivers and transmitters. We all remember the heathkit of the old days with instructions and complete parts for a fixed price. Today we do the same thing but there are many smaller suppliers. Experiments, musings and fumblings from the world of amateur radio. I only got into amatuer radio proper in 2014 as a byproduct of something else i was playing with at the time. Some kit i was looking to buy carried the caveat of may require an amatuer radio licence to operate on certain. This page contains projects and electronic circuits that i have built. 70mhz quarter wave ground plane building a simple 14 wave ground plane antenna for the 4m band. 144mhz portable yagi beam a compact, portable 6 element 144mhz yagi antenna. Antenna construction notes category is a curation of 61 web resources on , coaxial antennas, use of tripods to assemble and balance big antennas, home-brew antennas. Amateur and short wave radio electronics experimenters web site. Amateur radio construction projects by k0jd amateur radio homebrew projects on the net this page is dedicated to amateur radio homebrew.