Amateur radio operating privileges on all bands and all modes. Earning the license is more difficult it requires passing a thorough 50 question examination. Extra class licensees must also have passed all previous license class written examinations. In the united states, amateur radio licensing is governed by the federal communications commission(fcc) under strict federal regulations. Licenses to operate amateur stations for personal use are granted to individuals of any age once they demonstrate an understanding of both pertinent fcc regulations and knowledge of radio station operation and safety considerations. Anchorage ar club arrlvec w4vec greater la ar group sunnyvale vec arc inc w. Golden empire ar society central america vec inc w5yi-vec mo-kan ve coordinator sandarc-vec jefferson ar club. You need an amateur licence to communicate on amateur frequencies. Although the current amateur radio licence is known as a licence for life, all radio amateurs are required to revalidate their licence at least every five years. This requires every licence holder to contact ofcom to confirm or update the details on the licence database.   amateur radio, sometimes known as ham radio, is both a hobby and a service that uses various types of radio equipment, allowing communication with other radio amateurs for the purpose of self-training, recreation and public service. Amateur radio licence class current fees via online applications.   ham radio operator licenses the fcc issues six license classes, each authorizing varying levels of privileges. The class for which each licensee is qualified is determined by the degree of skill and knowledge in operating a station that the licensee demonstrates during an examination to volunteer examiners (ves) in his or her community.