Easy logging, powerful database, lotw integration, ft8 integration, you can have unlimited number of different callsign logbooks. Can support multiple operators simultaneously logging to the same database. Ultimate ham radio logbook for both beginners and experienced dxers with. Below are some printable logbooks (or logsheets) which i made to use whilst operating portable, such as sota. They are available in pdf format, for you to print on to a4 paper. The portrait version includes three extra columns compared to the landscape version, which are band, mode and power. The reasons for logging your amateur activity fall into three categories legal, operational and personal. Legally, a log of your transmissions would be invaluable in proving your innocence in an interference complaint. Operationally, having a log of past contacts is a resource when filling out that dx qsl card that may have taken months to arrive. Xmlog is an amateur radio logbook system for windows xp, vista, 7, 8 and 10. Welcome and thanks for visiting our amateur radio software website.   free windows amateur radio logging program written by bob furzer, k4cy the author of zakanaka. Logger32 has been developed to be a highly user configurable general purpose amateur radio logbook with computer control support for many radios and antenna rotators. Hrd logbook is a qso logger with dx cluster, operating awards, & more. Logbook - also known as hrdlog - is a powerful ham radio qso logging software program within ham radio deluxe. It is both a complete dx operations center, as well as a fantastic general purpose logger.   radio amateurs use logbooks (special software), where all qsos are logged. The log program contains records of the date and time in utc, the band (frequency.).   a ham radio log sheet excel template can assist in making it simple to keep the information from your customers on your web server or on your hard disk. Your sales employees can easily sort via your consumer contact info to obtain one of the most ideal information from the data source.