The cpl also owned and operated an online video game league for amateur players and teams, named the cyberathlete amateur league or cal. Cal operated year-round, with regular eight-week seasons, one or two matches per week, and a single-elimination postseason (playoffs). The cyberathlete amateur league, better known as cal, was launched on march 6, 2001, when newworld. Beginning with a single counter-strike division and 3,000 members, cal has since grown to about 300,000 registered members in the usa, canada, europe and south america. Cyberathlete professional league (cpl) was founded in june 1997 in dallas, texas. Cpl is a pioneer in the esports industry and played a large role in helping to grow the gaming scene into the billion-dollar industry it is today. Starting out as a us-based tournament organizer, cpl drew global attention to esports with the cpl world tour in 2005. (singapore) - august 31, 2010 - the pioneer in video game tournaments, the cpl (cyberathlete professional league), announced today that its online electronic sports league, cal (cyberathlete amateur league) will be re-launching. The cpl has partnered with s2 games to run a north american online tournament for heroes of newerth (hon) in. I was aware of the cyberathlete amateur league (cal) from the moment i started playing counter-strike. I was pulled into the game by a friend who already had a team.   the cyberathlete amateur league, or simply cal, looks to be in some form of stasis right now. For those unfamiliar, cal started in 2001 as a competitive counter strike league. Over the past seven and a half years, the league has expanded to cover 25 different games, most recently adding valves left 4 dead to its roster. Check cyberathlete amateur league translations into french. Look through examples of cyberathlete amateur league translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar. Définitions de cyberathleteamateurleague, synonymes, antonymes, dérivés de cyberathleteamateurleague, dictionnaire analogique de cyberathleteamateurleague (anglais).