For all asian dx contest participants,cabrillo log is acceptable. There are exhibitions and events for introducing amateur radio to general public,. Copyright 1997-2004 by the japan amateur radio league, inc. The japan amateur radio league (jarl) (in japanese, ) is a national non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts in japan. Jarl was founded in 1926 by japanese radio communication enthusiasts whose stated aim was to promote the development and utilization of radio wave technology as a medium. Japanese bandplans (revised april 21, 2020) page-2 japan amateur radio league.   the meetings are open not only to members, but other english-speaking hams and foreigners residing in or visiting japan interested in amateur radio. Notes from some past meetings 2020-05 but its not radio -- dv edition some digital voice (d-star, dmr, ysf, p25) options for your computer and android phone by jim tittsler 7j1ajh. In japan, amateur radio (ham radio) licensing of operators is regulated by the ministry of internal affairs and communications (mic, smu-sh) with the japan amateur radio league (jarl, ) acting as a national amateur radio organization. The iaru cites a year 2000 count of licensed ham operators at 1,296,059, out of a. Amateur radio stores and online shop in japan category is a curation of 4 web resources on , akizuki denshi, radio parts, dengi parts. Resources listed under japan ham radio shop category belongs to regional main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. Amateur radio operators became involved in the rescue effort soon after the march 11 8. 9 earthquake and devastating tsunami that hit northern japan, and that effort continues nearly two weeks later. In the early stage following the earthquake and tsunami, several radio amateurs were able to activate their stations with car batteries or small engine generators, despite the.