Our semi-annual poetry contests award a multitude of prizes to deserving poets. Your poem can be on any topic, using whatever style you prefer. There is no fee to enter our contests, so you have nothing to lose. Enter your poem for a free chance to win up to 2,000 in cash and prizes! Our semi-annual contest awards 100 third-place poems, 20 runners-up, and one 2,000 grand prize. You can submit a poem on any topic, employing whatever style you prefer.   weve assembled a comprehensive list which features 74 of the most popular poetry contests in 2021, organized by entry deadline. Each poetry competition below has a link to the contest submission guidelines so you can learn a bit more about the contest, publisher and choose the poetry competition thats the best fit. First, the names of some amateur poetry publishers are quite similar to the library of congress. One of the largest amateur poetry publishers in the 1990s and 2000s was the national library of poetry, whose name is frequently confused with the library of congress, or, as many people refer to us, the national library of congress.   curious about opportunities for poets? Your stanzas rhyming or not could be worth a fair amount of money in these poetry competitions. To enter a poetry contest simply click on the name of the contest. Enter all the details including the title of your poem, the description and the body of your poem. Some contests have a specific topic or require that your poem follow a specified syllable count. Over 20 contests, judged daily! Join our poem competitions for free and get feedbacks. Poets at all stages of their careers are celebrated, and prizes also include ways to support writers development courses, books, membership and publication. The competitions and prizes are a central part of the poetry societys work.