The russian amateur radio union (in russian, союз радиолюбителей россии, romanized as soyuz radiolyubitelei rossii) is a national non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts in russia. The organization often uses srr as its official abbreviation, based on the standard romanization of the russian name. Srr promotes amateur radio by sponsoring amateur radio operating awards and radio contests. Srr will be the host organization for the 2010 world radiosport team championship, to be held in moscow. The srr also represents the interests of russian amateur radio operators and shortwave listeners before russian and international telecommunications regulatory authorities. Srr is the national member society representing russia in the international amateur radio union. Russian phrases for amateur radio (download booklet - 1 mb pdf) this 20-page syllabus was compiled during the cold war by len traubman, w6hjk, to help amateurs better communicate with their soviet colleagues. A 90-minute audio cassette was eventually added to help with pronunciation.   self-spotting or soliciting contacts by any means other than amateur radio is prohibited. Russian zs-1 sdr transceiver new equipment 1 comment tags new equipment,sdr date the zs-1 is a hf all-mode fully software defined amateur radio. It features direct sampling receiver, direct digital synthesis based transmitter and usb 2. The receiver has been developed for the most demanding users. The rda (russian district award) is an international awards program with the goal of attracting interest in amateur radio through the communication with various districts in the russian federation. The rda program is established to encourage confirmed contacts with the greatest variety of areas in russia.   the soyuz radioljubitelej rossii (union of radioamateurs of russia), srr is pleased to announce 27 international russian dx contest. Maxtrac lab radio service software professional 600 series cps (mpt1327) prof mpt cps r00. Com blog weve seen news about the release of a new russian designed and made portable software defined radio called the malachite-dsp. The malachite-dsp is an all-in-one portable sdr that is controlled via a touch screen and two control knobs.